Smart city promotes the rapid development of LED video advertising screen wall

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Let’s talk about the comparison between LED electronic screen and traditional LED electronic screen in recent years
1. The power consumption of LED rental advertising display is getting lower and lower, and it is becoming more and more environmentally friendly
Traditional LED electronic screen point spacing from P5 to p37.5, the larger the screen, the greater the power consumption. Early installed screens, because the product power saving technology is not mature, more power consumption, but now LED electronic screens can be standardized, standardized, mass production, because in a more mature industrial environment, can use the latest display, power saving and induction adjustment technology, unit power consumption is lower, and the brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light More energy saving.
2. Better advertising effect
Traditional LED electronic screen is like an isolated large TV, managers can only control a single screen through synchronous and asynchronous methods. Now the LED electronic screen has been able to realize the terminal. Due to the wireless communication and large-scale cluster control function, there is no limit on the number of terminals. The manager can control all the terminals remotely through the control platform. The audience can watch the content of the exhibition at multiple points. It is a networked and systematic communication platform, which can achieve three-dimensional communication effect.
3. The application scope is expanding
The traditional LED electronic screen has been developing unilaterally around advertising. Now LED electronic screen is developing to life. For example, led runway, led mobile phone, led garbage can, led shoes, led ear studs and so on

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