Six major detection work for your LED sky ceiling screen safety

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LED Sky Screen is a special kind of LED display screen, which is usually built in busy commercial center and crowded area. Because of this, the quality and safety of LED sky screen is particularly important. So in order to ensure the safety of the LED sky screen, what kind of detection work should be done, do you know? Now let’s introduce it to you.

First, basic inspection: inspect the cracks at the connection between steel column and ground of the LED sky screen project, check whether there are settlement cracks

2. Component layout and cross-sectional dimension detection: Investigate the layout of components of LED skylight screen, and use steel tape, vernier caliper, ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure the cross-sectional dimension of 8 concrete filled steel tubular columns and 8 tubular truss structure components of LED skylight screen, and test whether the measured component cross-sectional dimension meets the design requirements.

3. Testing of bending height and verticality of concrete filled steel tubular column: Eight steel column members of LED skylight screen were selected by non-prism total station instrument, and were tested for bending height and verticality respectively to see whether it meets the requirements of “Code for Acceptance and Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structural Engineering” (GB50205-2001).

4. Testing of dry paint film thickness on pipe truss and steel column: 30 pipe truss members were extracted from LED ceiling screen by TT260 thickness gauge, and the thickness of dry paint film on the surface of pipe truss members was tested. .

5. Weld quality inspection: 48 butt welds and related line welds were extracted from LED sky ceiling screen by digital display ultrasonic flaw detector, and weld quality inspection was carried out. The quality of the welds measured should meet the requirements of the second grade of weld quality.

In summary, in order to ensure the safe and effective operation of the LED sky screen, we must adhere to daily maintenance, supplemented by effective detection means, and repair the problems in time, in order to achieve the safety of the use of the LED sky screen system.

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