Small Pitch LED Display P2.5 Shining in The High-end Display Market


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With the acceleration of the process of social informationization, large-scale infrastructure construction, small spacing LED display screen also has greater opportunities for development. Since the impact of small spacing on the market of LED display, P2.5 has rushed ahead. With its own technological advantages, P2.5 has rapidly become one of the main forces in the middle and high-end application market..

Since 2013, small spacing LED display has invaded the field of Engineering strongly, and began to fight with DLP, PDP and LCD splicing screen. With the acceleration of structural adjustment of display manufacturing industry, the main market of small spacing LED products began to show positioning – high-end command and control, monitoring room, conference room and other fields. At present, our small spacing LED display has a large scale in the high-end display application market, among which PF2.5 small spacing contributes a lot.

High-quality products that meet the needs of customers can have the final say. On the road of development, the layout of small spacing is no longer dependent on P2.5, and smaller spacing display products such as P2.0, P1.923, P1.875, P1.667 and even P1.5625, P1.2 will follow. “There is no best, only better.” In the future, we will continue to push forward the process of accelerating the display market by pushing through the old and bringing forth the new.

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