Technological upgrading of LED display to achieve energy saving


China’s LED display walls has been developing deeply for decades, experiencing a glorious period of “prosperity” and a downturn of “bloody weather”. Chinese led display enterprises have also made great achievements in the quality, technology and innovation of LED display screen. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, China’s LED industry is facing the situation of coexistence of danger and opportunity. Increasing competition, declining profits and frequent overcapacity have become the common characteristics of the development of LED display panel industry. Only through the development of “green manufacturing” production mode can LED display enterprises improve the utilization rate of resources and energy, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the harm to human health and society, and coordinate and optimize the economic and social benefits of enterprises themselves in the whole life cycle process of manufacturing design, use recovery, disassembly and reuse.

“Energy saving and emission reduction” means saving energy and reducing energy consumption. As an important part of manufacturing industry, “energy saving” in LED display industry is also a topic of concern for LED display manufacturers.

Nowadays, many LED display companies in the industry have been involved in the R&D and production process of energy saving and emission reduction. At present, some energy-saving LED display screens on the market, mainly through the improvement of power supply to improve energy-saving effect, attracted the attention of many consumers, and gave a fairly high expectation.

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