Two major mainstreams are small pitch and creative led display screens


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The growing maturity of the era of small spacing LED display and creative screen also means that the era of intelligence has come slowly. Relevant industry knowledge reveals that the social attitude based on intelligence in the 21st century will lead to a new round of baptism of social application technology. This kind of baptism plays an important role in commodity, technology, and other applications. This product has a good presentation in the current field of LED display. It is very obvious in the current LED display control system, whether in signal recognition, remote monitoring, touch display and other aspects.

It is known that the current spacing of LED display screen can reach P1.2 led wall or even lower than that of P0.8. With the continuous updating and breakthrough of packaging technology, LED screen surface treatment technology and video processor technology, 4K display has become a hot spot in the current industry, and many enterprises have begun to show their 10K LED display products. The realization of excellent LED screen quality, on the one hand, makes the small spacing LED display screen is advancing to various application fields with the momentum of lightning, but on the other hand, Liancheng developer has begun to aim at meeting the application research of higher display intelligence. Obviously, the LED display industry represented by small spacing is welcoming the advent of the era of intelligent LED display!

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