Fine pixel pitch led video panels ushered in price reduction tide?


Keywords: transparent LED screen 1000mm*500mm cabinet stage background,Full color hd p5.95 indoor rental led display /led screen/giant led billboards

Influenced by the global economic downturn for several consecutive years, as a icing on the cake, the supply and demand of LED display products are greatly limited. However, from the manufacturing scale and market demand increment of small spacing industry in recent years, the application of small spacing LED screen enterprises is in the “growth period” as a whole. Relevant statistics show that in 2017, the size of domestic small spacing LED reached 5.9 billion yuan, an increase of 67% over the same period of last year. It is estimated that the market size of small spacing LED in China will reach about 44% in 2018-2020, and the industry will continue to grow rapidly.

But in such a background, there is a very disharmonious voice: small spacing will usher in the tide of price reduction.

It seems reasonable to say: first, from the definition of small spacing, the definition of small spacing in the industry last year is still below P2.5, and now the products under P2.5 led wall have been regarded as conventional products, the definition of small spacing in the industry has been refreshed to below P2, which shows that the public’s demand for small spacing is getting higher and higher; secondly, from the market. In terms of coverage rate, the expansion of market demand can truly realize the commercialization of small spacing; finally, from the perspective of small spacing technology, industry technology is becoming more and more mature, mass production is beginning to dominate, which naturally can promote further price reduction.

With the continuous improvement of small spacing technology, the application and market scale of small spacing are becoming larger and larger. For small spacing LED brand and other screen enterprises, how to build high-end market barriers and maintain their high-value image with technology differentiation has become a challenge. In the short term, if the small spacing LED does not have a big technological breakthrough from upstream, the cost will not be shaken. Although price reduction is a trend, it will not come soon.

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