The peripheral devices of LED display screen play a role in LED display


With the maturity of LED display technology in China, the development of LED display is increasing year by year. The market of LED display screen is also diversified. The emergence of new application products such as special-shaped screen, strip screen, transparent screen and small spacing is no doubt not a technological innovation.

Nowadays, as the peripheral equipment of LED display, enterprises are not only staying in line with the current demand for the development of LED display, but also have begun to produce predictable peripheral equipment products and technologies by intensifying product research and development, which has opened up a new breakthrough for the market of LED display. Therefore, it influences and drives the development of the whole industry chain of LED display factory. Therefore, the technology research and development of peripheral equipment of LED display screen has also become the focus of industry attention. The peripheral devices of the LED display screen are mainly composed of four parts: control card, video processor, power supply and driving IC.

One, the important core part – control card: among them, the control system is a system that decides what content to play on the large LED screen, which is equivalent to the human brain.

2. High-definition picture quality rendering-video processor: In the era of high-definition LED display screen, video processor not only carries a lot of work such as image processing and analysis, coding and decoding compression, but also embeds a large number of intelligent analysis algorithms to analyze a large number of high-definition data, which plays a more important role. The core of this technology is not only image edge sharpening, but also color restoration and image scaling. The quality of video processor directly reflects the image clarity of LED display screen.

Third, the source of energy of the LED display screen – power supply: Only by ensuring the reliability of each link, can the LED display screen achieve a perfect effect in the final presentation. However, the power supply is also a crucial part of the peripheral devices of the LED display screen.

4. Low brightness, high gray, true high brush-drive IC: Among the performance indicators of LED display screen, refresh rate, gray level and image expressiveness are one of the most important indicators. This requires high consistency of current between IC channels, high speed communication interface speed and constant current response speed. In the past, refresh rate, grey scale and utilization rate were the relationship between one and the other. To ensure that one or two of the indicators could be better, one or two of the remaining indicators should be sacrificed appropriately.

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