Stability of LED display screen in the stage event show

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The stable performance of stage LED display has been highly recognized both inside and outside the industry. This also makes more people want to know what technology is used to ensure the stability of these stage LED displays. Here, we have sorted out relevant materials and explained in detail how to ensure the stability of stage LED displays from three aspects: material selection, system control scheme and display working state.
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The raw materials of LED display screen include LED lamp, driving IC, power supply, power signal connector, etc. these materials are the core elements that determine the quality of LED display screen.
Technical requirements for system control scheme
Because of the particularity of stage LED display, the stability of stage LED display is very high. Therefore, each link of the system control scheme has hot backup function, including video transmitting and receiving equipment, signal transmission cable, etc. It can ensure that when an unexpected condition occurs in a certain link of the system, the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby equipment at a very fast speed, and the whole switching process will not affect the on-site display effect.
Real time monitoring of working state
The working state of stage LED display screen can be monitored in real time by computer, including the working state of temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan, etc. It can automatically adjust and deal with various conditions, and provide position and alarm for abnormalities.
For example, when the internal temperature of a box is relatively high due to the environment or other factors, the power supply inside the box will have over temperature protection at any time without timely treatment. If it is necessary to monitor the working state of the display screen in this case, the system will reduce the internal temperature of the display screen by intelligently adjusting the working state of the display screen. When the intelligent adjustment cannot reduce the temperature to the set target, the system will give an alarm through the staff setting method, provide the specific location of the abnormal box, and notify the staff to deal with it in time. Ensure the normal working state and safe use of the display.
In short, in order to improve the stability of stage led rental display screen, we should comprehensively consider all aspects from material selection, hardware design, system control scheme and so on.

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