What are the components of indoor LED display

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Indoor full-color LED display screen has high brightness, wide vision, high reliability, long service life, light weight, convenient installation and easy maintenance. It is widely used for information release and publicity in airports, stadiums, schools, shopping malls, stations, hotels, bars, entertainment and other indoor places.
Indoor full-color LED display screen can be divided into embedded indoor full-color LED display screen and wall mounted indoor full-color LED display screen.
General equipment for indoor LED display: video processor, splicer and DVI distributor
1. Video processor; Enlarge the image resolution to realize picture splicing, and support the simultaneous input of multiple video sources, which can meet the switching of live broadcast picture, advertising picture, on-site interview picture and other different angles.
2. Splicer: it is a high-tech equipment that divides a complete image signal into n blocks and distributes it to n video display units. It uses several ordinary video units to form a large screen dynamic image display screen, which can support the simultaneous connection of a variety of video devices.
3. DVI distributor: it is a signal distributor for multi port digital video output. It has the functions of one channel DVI video input and multi-channel DVI video output. In multimedia application system, multiple digital display terminals are often required to display the picture of the same DVI signal source.

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