How to view parameters when selecting outdoor LED display

mesh led wall

Due to the use of environmental factors, outdoor use of LED screen requires high brightness and long color mixing distance. At the same time, the display screen is required to have high protection grade and strong waterproof and UV resistance. Therefore, Chengdu LED large screen supplier teaches you how to see the parameters of outdoor display screen.

In terms of image quality, the main indicators are: gray processing ability, color processing ability, refresh rate, contrast, resolution and so on. The outdoor LED electronic screen shall be easy to operate and maintain, so as to facilitate dust removal and regular maintenance.
In order to ensure long-distance visibility under strong ambient light, ultra-high brightness LED must be selected. In terms of safety protection, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the display is strong and durable, and ensure the “five prevention” characteristics of direct sunlight, dust prevention, waterproof, high temperature prevention and circuit short circuit prevention.
The selected display screen body and the joint between the screen body and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak proof; The screen body shall be provided with good drainage measures, and the ponding can be discharged smoothly in case of ponding.

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