Advantages and development direction of stage led rental screen

led video floor panel (3)

As a content presentation tool in stage activities, stage led rental screen has broad prospects.
1、 What are the advantages of stage led rental screen?
1. It can save the cost of input equipment
Each LED rental screen has a procurement cost. For stage companies, it is unrealistic to purchase a large number of LED rental screens as backup. If you obtain the use right in the performance from a professional LED rental screen company through leasing, you only need to pay the cost of use time, which can save a lot of equipment investment costs.
2. No management maintenance
For the stage company, because the LED rental screen is rented, it can be returned completely as long as it is ensured that the rental screen can be operated correctly during the performance activities and will not be damaged artificially. Therefore, there is no need for a special place to store and manage it, let alone professional maintenance of the rental screen.
3. Save labor cost
When the stage company holds activities, as long as it has negotiated with the LED rental screen rental company in advance, the rental company will deliver the required led rental screen within the specified time and provide professional technicians to install and debug it, so as to save the labor cost of transportation and installation. These are the advantages of using LED rental screens by stage companies. The LED rental screen is undoubtedly one of many equipment with large investment. Therefore, using it through leasing can save the investment cost, management cost and related labor cost of the equipment.

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