Why use video processor for LED full-color display?

mctrl600 controller

The application of video processing equipment in LED full-color display solves the following key problems:
1、 Format conversion function
The signal format of PC in the consumer field and the signal format of video camp in the consumer field or professional field span from the analog signal era to the digital signal era and even the high-definition display in the early stage of the current enlightenment. Many signal formats and signal standards born and left over during this period are still active or work in the consumer market. Therefore, in most project bidding, it is necessary to solve the problem of signal access through video processor Handle and display problems. The fundamental solution is that the video processing equipment can complete the format conversion between many signal formats.
2、 Image processing and enhancement technology
As a member of flat panel display media, led full-color large screen display not only involves the image processing technology involved in general image display processing, such as 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down, because its pixel spacing is much larger than that of other flat panel display media, such as LCD and PDP. Therefore, there are more stringent requirements for image processing technology, especially image enhancement technology, including the following: 1. Motion compensation 2, Deinterlacing 3, image scaling 4, detail enhancement 5, noise suppression. 6. Adjust the gray level
To sum up, the quality of video processor directly affects the display effect of LED display screen.

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