Five steps of LED advertising screen installation

led video display panel (3)

LED digital  screen has a development history of more than 20 years in China. It has been regarded as an industry with relatively mature skills and is widely used in major media advertising industries. The installation personnel of LED electronic screen must master excellent skills. Generally, it is necessary for LED electronic screen installation to master the following five installation processes.

1. In the preliminary survey, this is the main comparison. The screen body should be planned according to the on-site construction conditions.
3. For the installation of LED electronic screen, customers may know about the construction of steel structure. Generally, they don’t know much about the routing and splicing of LED electronic screen. Therefore, it is necessary to have professional engineers for guidance, and the screen operators of the other party are required to participate in order to know more about the screen.
4. Steel frame plan: generally, within 3-5 days after signing the contract, the LED electronic screen installation engineer will plan the steel frame structure to the construction party according to the site conditions and the practical conditions of the LED electronic screen. In the future, the construction party will purchase relevant materials according to the drawings and plan the steel structure fabrication.
5. Skill training of LED electronic screen. In the process of screen production, customers can send people to the LED electronic screen manufacturer to learn the skills of LED electronic screen operation and simple spare parts replacement.
Mastering the above installation process also requires the engineering installation personnel to have professional common sense and rich LED electronic screen installation experience, so as to escort your LED electronic screen.

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