How many years is the service life of LED display screen wall

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Indoor and outdoor LED electronic screen is also the same as other electronic products, which has a service life. Although the theoretical life of LED is 100000 hours, which is calculated as 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Under normal circumstances, it is more than 11 years of operation, but the actual situation is much different from the theoretical data. According to statistics, the life of LED electronic screens on the market is usually 6 years. Large LED screens that can be used for more than 10 years are now very good, especially outdoor LED electronic screens, whose life is getting shorter. . Element. When planning the project, we should specify the detailed brands and types of reliable LED beads, well-known switching power supplies, and other raw materials. In the process of production, pay attention to anti-static measures, such as wearing static rings and anti-static clothes, and selecting dust-free workshops and production lines to minimize the failure rate.

For outdoor LED electronic screen, necessary peripheral safety equipment shall be provided, lightning protection and surge prevention measures shall be taken, and electronic screen shall not be used in lightning and rainstorm climate as far as possible. Pay attention to environmental protection. Try not to put it in a dusty environment for a long time. No water is allowed inside the electronic screen. Take rain proof measures. Select the correct heat dissipation equipment, install the fan or air conditioner according to the specifications, and make the screen environment as dry and ventilated as possible.

In addition, the usual protection of LED electronic screen is also very important. Regularly clean the dust accumulated on the screen to avoid affecting the heat dissipation function. When broadcasting advertising content, try not to stay in all white, all green and other images for a long time to avoid current amplification, cable heating and short circuit. When the festival is broadcast at night, the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness, which can not only save energy, but also extend the service life of the LED electronic screen.
In general, we still need to pay attention to the protection when using the LED electronic screen.

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