Intelligent trend of LED rental display screen

led video display panel (3)

Small spacing, new ideas, naked eye 3D and Intelligent led wall have been summoned up and continue to make efforts, and are spreading to various LED electronic screen manufacturers in an agile manner.

With the development of the Internet, LED electronic screen video network broadcasting is becoming more and more popular. It can not only cross provinces and cities, but also across the other side of the ocean. It is not a geographical crossing, but also the transmission of information. We just need to press the button, and the latest news or pictures can be displayed on the controlled LED electronic screen cluster, whose influence and transmission have reached a previously unreachable range. However, in some special places, these skills are completely unable to provide the required display video. The LED electronic screen has common use performance, and has moved towards diversified and international shopping malls, which has been widely trusted at home and abroad.
Quality is the competitive advantage.  The products not only have a novel product structure, but also have an innovative profit model. What are the advantages of intelligent LED electronic screen? After the data collection of the sensor, the climate, ambient temperature and humidity, PM2.5 content and other information are displayed on the LED electronic screen. If it is a traffic guidance screen, the traffic information collected by the server is sent to each LED screen through the control center, which brings great convenience to everyone’s life.

With the development of intelligent LED electronic screen, it also brings some security questions. For example, there are often news reports that led electronic screens broadcast indecent videos and images, or questions about the leakage of materials. We should make good use of the network as a tool, and improve the intelligent function together, so as to solve various shortcomings and unsafe dangers in the intelligent process, so that the LED electronic screen can better serve you.

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