Standards for Vehicle-mounted LED Display Screen Panels


It is reported that the code of conduct for the LED display screen is the first local recommendation standard for this product in China. It can provide technical basis for the design, production, service, sale, after-sale and reception of the vehicle-mounted LED display screen.

According to the quality supervisor, the present display technology is quite different from the conventional LED display technology standard. The LED display screen installed on mobile carriers must meet stricter product technical requirements in terms of flame retardancy, electromagnetic compatibility, brightness and service life of the screen. For example, the specification of LED display clearly points out that vehicle-mounted LED display should be able to meet the protection of electric shock, energy, fire, heat, machinery and other related hazards. Especially, it must have certain flame retardancy to avoid the major hidden danger caused by spontaneous combustion due to short circuit.

We all know that the vehicle-mounted LED display has high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The picture is three-dimensional, vivid, clear and dynamic, and equipped with an optical control system. It can adjust the brightness of the screen by outdoor light. It is convenient to move. It can change location and change information at any time without installing and disassembling process. The combination of dynamic and static pictures can complete multi-form, multi-direction and multi-type information release. Equipped with TV receiving card, it can receive cable or wireless STB TV signals. Wide visual range, strong audiovisual shock, obvious communication effect.

Industry insiders know that the more important function of LED screen is to broadcast advertisements. In addition, for different environments and needs, there are also a variety of styles that can be customized. The emergence of on-board LED display makes the technology of LED screen innovate again. It is the application of innovation in the industry of LED display in the new era, and also the embodiment of industrialization of LED display.

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