What are the application places of LED display screen walls?


We all know that there is no lack of light in our life. Likewise, LED screen is also an indispensable major product. People who have a thorough understanding of the display screen are quite clear. LED display screen is divided into outdoor and indoor display screens. With the continuous development of electronic technology, LED display screen has been immediately sought after by many people, so the use of LED display screen is quite a lot of people. Many people are also in increasing demand for display screens. Now let’s talk about the specific application of LED display screens.

1. Road traffic information guidance: Intelligent traffic information guidance screen is rising rapidly nowadays. In many fields, such as urban traffic, highway entrance and so on, LED traffic information guidance screen display products, as speed limit signs of daily life variable intelligence board, have been widely used in a period of time.

2. Stadium Letter: Today, as the main means of displaying information and playing live games, LED display screen has gradually replaced the traditional lighting and CRT backward display screen. In modern stadiums, LED display screen has become a necessary competition facility.

3. Outdoor advertising: In addition to the previous single large-scale indoor and outdoor LED display as advertising media, cluster LED display advertising system, train LED advertising display publishing system has also been adopted and is being widely promoted.

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