Talking about the Price War of LED Display Screen in Industry


Nowadays, with the continuous progress of social development, with the continuous penetration of LED display screen into people’s lives, people’s living standards are also constantly improving, and LED lighting is more and more widely into people’s homes. From the rapid development of LED display screen in 2010 to the rapid explosion of LED lighting and LED lighting in the world in 2012, it is the peak time to promote the development of the entire LED industry! However, due to the increasing improvement of LED display technology, the standard system of LED display and its corresponding content should also be constantly improved, increased and improved, so as to better adapt to the new changes. “Although the standard system of LED display has a certain foundation, it will still have a long way to go for the standardization of the entire industry. Therefore, we feel that what we should do is to persevere, strengthen and attach importance to the research, formulation, publicity and implementation of standards, in order to better meet the requirements of LED display. A broad need for sustainable development of the industry.

LED Display Screen

At present, the situation of domestic market competition and market regulation is poor, which often shows that the customers are not pragmatic and realistic, while the competitors do everything possible to achieve their goals, which has a direct impact on the quality and grade of products. In this way, some enterprises will make fake, such as socks industry, they will go from making fake socks to making real socks, but some are still making fake socks. Therefore, we sincerely hope that the LED large screen industry will not do so, there must be a benign price competition for the LED display, but at present there is no good prospect of standardization. So in the coming days, I hope you will follow this point.

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