New Technology for Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen


Keywords: small pixel pitch P3mm indoor advertising die-casting aluminum rental led display,HD Small Pitch P1.5 P1.667 P2 stage display wall led screen

Since the prevailing of the 21st century, all walks of life have entered a period of rapid development. With the in-depth development of the LED industry in society, related technologies are becoming more mature, and the difficulty between two points of the LED display screen is gradually shortened. Nowadays, the screen under the P2 specification is more common, and it will not be as scarce as before. According to the survey, the small spacing LED display screen has gradually become the mainstream of indoor display screen in many customers’use. At the same time, many emerging technologies are also developing rapidly. The combination of small spacing screens and these new technologies has become a new normal ecological law of the application market.

At present, small-spacing LED display is widely used, from space flight control command center to bus electronic stop sign to indoor and outdoor building stage display, there are many places with small-spacing screen, small-spacing products are no longer limited to simple display screen as before, more attention is paid to its integrity and plane importance, large data technology, artificial intelligence. The technology can be applied to it, so that people can understand the content of screen display better and more conveniently, and provide better service for production and life.

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