Outdoor full-color LED display drives the development of market economy

10ft-x-12ft-Led-Screen-Video screens

Nowadays, full-color LED display is widely used. In many city business circles, whether in the first or second-tier cities, you will see a lot of outdoor full-color LED display, these examples are everywhere. These advertisements broadcast when the screen scrolls, convey the latest era consultation information to the people of the past, and lead the new trend of urban fashion. Those department stores and full-color display screen have become a benchmark in recent years, through these LED screens to show a message, leading people to crazy shopping consumption, better driving the major development of the city department store industry.

From the development of outdoor full-color LED display in the past few years to now, it is only a matter of the recent decade. In the early days, direct LED interpolation was the main method. Later, surface mounting technology became more and more popular. Today, outdoor surface mounting screen has gradually become the mainstream of market life. We have witnessed the changes of these large LED screens and the development of China’s economic market demand in recent years.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the traditional marketing methods can no longer have the advantage of being invincible all over the world. Only more creative outdoor advertisements can better attract people’s attention. Now users’demand for outdoor full-color LED display is constantly increasing. At present, more and more people are combining new display technology, one of them in Nanning, Guangxi. A 640_super high-definition LED display designed and manufactured by us, it  is very attractive. It is also the first 4K high-definition outdoor LED display that supports 3D effect in China. The visual effect of the advertisement displayed by this large screen under the night is very shocking and eye-catching, which will give you a feeling of being in it.

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