What is needed for LED display companies to expand into cinema?


Not long ago, the latest visual led display product was launched: a 34-inch LED cinema display with HDR high dynamic range image technology. This is also the first cinema display product equipped with this technology in the world. Supporting 4K resolution, the display has gone beyond traditional projection technology and can bring extraordinary visual enjoyment to the experiencer in the performance of picture quality imaging. It also said that in the first half of this year, ” Generation Film Screen” cinema will be opened in Korea and the United States respectively, and the screen will be formally promoted worldwide at the end of this year.

Prior to this, the application of LED display screen in cinema occupied only a small part, such as the large LED screen used by ticket office to scroll the schedule of the cinema. Obviously, there is still a lot of room for the development of LED display in cinema. The move seems to mean that LED screens will be able to enter the cinema market further in the future.

At the technical level, the small spacing of LED can ignore the limitation of playback area by seamless splicing, and after the spacing is greatly reduced, the clarity can also rival DLP projection technology, and the film market is just around the corner. But industry insiders say that 34 feet is still too small for standard cinemas. Currently, the curtain sizes of most cinemas are between 45 and 65 feet, and the screen width of IMAX is 72 feet. And if LED screen wants to achieve this size, it will undoubtedly pay an astonishing price. Apart from price and technical factors, what obstacles will LED display hinder its footsteps in cinemas?

In conclusion, DLP technology has become an irreplaceable link in the modern film industry chain. The breakthrough of technology and cost is of course important for small spacing LED display screen to enter the film market, but more importantly, how to persuade the film ecological environment composed of shooting, late stage, distribution, cinema line to abandon DLP and choose LED as a whole is a long way. If LED screen enterprises want to share this cup, they need to make more

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