Detailed Views on the Design of LED Electronic Display Screen

Customized-Outdoor-P6-67-Fixed-led-display wall

In the 21st century, as the largest outdoor application of electronic products at home and abroad, LED electronic display screen is an indispensable display product in large entertainment, transportation, sports events, shopping mall culture, square large screen and other places. From single and double color simple text display to today’s intelligent high-definition display, the technology of display screen has been improving. 80% of the global LED electronic display screen is produced in the world. Our country. The quality assurance of the display screen is inseparable from the stable current design.

LED Electronic Display Screen

Up to now, there are still many technical deficiencies in the field of LED display screen in China. In recent years, the government has also strongly supported the LED enterprises, which has made many LED display manufacturers actively invest in the ranks of technology research and development. At present, each LED display manufacturer has applied for its own patent research and development. The application of some LED chips in the market in China shows that our country is in the LED industry. Technology is progressing.

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