What are the proportional design factors of full-color LED video display?


From the past to the present, full-color LED screen is the mainstream display material component in the market. Many manufacturers of LED display screen have been designing the size of full-color LED display screen conceptually in the early design stage. Full-color LED screen size is normally designed according to three factors, first of all, its installation environment, then the planned size of the LED screen width and height, and third, the usual broadcast content, that is, media advertising, commercial advertising, wedding video, television broadcast, high-definition color printing and so on. A lot of people don’t know what is one of the design factors about it. Here we will analyze it.

Full-color LED display screen

First, the ideal size of the LED video display screen: the full-color LED screen can play different video signals according to the environment, such as self-made LED promotional films, guest self-recorded video, television relay, film entertainment, commercial advertising and so on. The proportion of video content produced by advertising companies can usually be designed according to the proportion of full-color LED screen. The display proportion of self-recorded video programs such as travel and play, wedding anniversary, company publicity, self-timer movies and so on should be defined according to the proportion of tools taken, such as mobile phones, cameras, digital cameras, cameras, etc. Video ratio of TV broadcasting is normally 4:3 signal output, such as CCTV programs and local stations.

The proportion of large-scale display in the United States is usually 2:1 or 16:7, and that of domestic movies is 4:3. So before we make full-color LED display, we should have a thorough study and planning of the broadcast content. If the proportion of full-color LED screen production does not match the proportion of the broadcast program, the image will be compressed and blurred, and the display effect will be blurred. If that happens, it will be awkward, and the problem of proportional distortion will follow, but if we encounter such a problem, we can set it by the parameters of the LED display screen, leaving blanks on the top and bottom of the full-color LED display screen or adding text scrolling information to fill it. This design is best in the LED screen can be designed according to the playback ratio.

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