Why is the LED flexible soft screen is not so hot and popular?

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With the advent of the intelligent era in the 21st century, the application market of LED display screen has become more and more mature, and its subdivision products have become more and more, among which the flexible LED screen is one of them. However, this is also a sub-product of LED display screen, LED stage rental screen, LED transparent screen, LED special-shaped screen and so on. It has been welcomed by the broad market. However, this kind of flexible LED screen has become an exception – since its inception, it has been half-warm for a long time. Considering from the general state of common sense, it has achieved the biggest breakthrough in shape, but why is it not as good as ordinary LED display screen? Dazzling. What is the reason for this?

Many people may not know that flexible LED screens are at a disadvantage in the outdoor market. In order to ensure flexibility,  a well-known manufacturer of Shenzhen LED display screen, considers that the stability and protection of the flexible LED screen without the shell are not high, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof, high temperature resistance, etc. Moreover, many outdoor screens are mounted in mid-air, which have special high requirements for stability and relatively low requirements for flexibility. Face can not be in this form, so the arc wall building, people will use more arc screen, rather than LED flexible screen, after all, it is not perfect.

However, in today’s society, the most important factor hindering its development is the high cost of production, so it is difficult to be widely used. Especially those special-shaped flexible screens need special customization, and different shapes need different specifications, which will also increase the production cost by geometric multiples. Therefore, too special shapes are still rarely used in production. Although the current flexible LED screen is still not perfect, we sincerely believe that with the development of technology and technology, the technical problems of flexible LED screen will be solved very well, and the market of flexible LED screen will become very considerable.

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