The Application of Full-color LED Display Screen in Library


In recent years, after the evolution of time, the innovative research and development technology of LED display screen is extremely hot, and the led video wall of P2 p3 p3.91 p4.81 led display technology level is a hundred feet pole head further, the same application occasion is also more widely used.

Whether in our life or in the use of enterprises are widely used, such as: in the reception of foreign visitors to visit, holding important conferences or even international conferences, the role of full-color display screen is particularly important. All kinds of announcements, cultural dissemination, text information dissemination, news release, Festival greetings, birthday party greetings, guest welcoming speeches and so on in the library, and full-color LED display screen can achieve these functions well.

Replace the daily publicity board. The large LED screen in the hall plays an important role in daily business. It can replace many traditional propaganda modes and provide readers and users with many related information such as admission notice, collection utilization guide, training information, latest notice and announcement. In addition, different display forms can be designed according to different themes. We all know that notifications and announcements should be simple and eye-catching. They can be either red or yellow, but we should take intuition as the first element. The instructions and guides for admission can be designed warmly and gracefully, with background or icons, or can be played in the form of animation. Activity announcements can be designed more lively to stimulate the enthusiasm of readers.

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