Application and influence of LED lamp pole display screen in Urbanization


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History will not repeat itself, but you will find that there are many striking similarities. Does the intelligent city Hu bustling urban night scene make you feel familiar? The scene of a street corner that you can never forget may give you the deepest memory — it may be the fading lights, or it may be the flowers and willows. In the flourishing flower world illuminated by lanterns, you will discover by chance that there will be LED lamp pole screens everywhere. This kind of LED screen is also widely used in many fields. We all know that the memory of a city is usually accompanied by someone or a group of people. It seems that only in this way, the memory will be full of vitality, the years will go quickly, and the city is changing and has not changed. If you never regret the days you have passed, then the city, in the field of vision, will be full of fresh and lovely colors.

We are all saying that the city is changing, it is changing from place to place, and it seems that it can’t be said for a long time. It may be that the floors are higher, the roads are cleaner, the cars are more and more, and the roads are more and more blocked. It may also be that environmental protection, energy conservation and promotion have found a point of convergence: traditional banners, billboards are becoming fewer and fewer, and LED lights and video display screens are becoming more and more.

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