The future of LED chip industry for led video display is very optimistic

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Just a few days ago, there was an explosive news in the LED display video wall industry. According to a led photoelectric video wall announcement, one of the leading domestic LED chip display manufacturer  industries, the company has realized net profit of more than 200 million yuan so far in 2017, which has increased by more than 300% year on year.

In early June 2017, there was an explosion in China that some major manufacturers of LED chips on a domestic LED sapphire substrate were investigated. According to the feedback from the vast number of users, the company’s LED sapphire substrate business in 2016 has a slight profit of 5 million yuan, since 2017, with the growing demand of the LED industry, led to a growth of the company’s LED display business. At present, the company’s business is in full load, the gross profit rate is expected to be at a higher level of 30%, and the production capacity of sapphire substrates is expected to expand to about 60% in the second half of the company.

Looking forward to the future prospects of the LED industry will be immeasurable, full-color LED display, car-mounted LED display, small spacing LED display and other new markets open a new space for the development of the LED industry. We all know that the LED chip is an important part of the LED display screen. Its importance is self-evident. With the development of semiconductor LED technology, its application in the lighting field is more and more, especially the emergence of white LED, which has become a hot spot of semiconductor lighting. However, the key chip and packaging technologies need to be improved, and the development of chips should be directed towards high power, high light efficiency and low thermal resistance. Numerous examples prove the importance of LED chips.

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