The creative Led display shines in Beijing World Expo

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Keywords: Creative Spherical LED Display indoor use for event and event video show,Creative indoor p3 dia 2m/3m/4m/5m sphere led display/advertising

At 8:00 pm Beijing time on April 28th, the highly anticipated Beijing World Expo was grandly opened in Yanqing, Beijing. At the opening ceremony, the high-tech garden scenes of light and shadow art performances were fantastic, and the performances were mainly immersive experiences. The opening of the “lakes and mountains” was amazing. The opening ceremony will focus on the theme of “Green Life, Beautiful Homeland” and “Human and Nature” as the main line. Fully invite the people from all over the world to come to the World Park by taking advantage of the mountains, forests, lakes, grass and wood in the park. Will, work together to plant a beautiful home of “life and common”.

It is reported that the evening party will enhance the audio-visual experience of the guests and all the audience in front of the TV. The creative team led by Sha Xiaotong will break through the possibilities and use the advanced creative concept of rich stage technology in a limited space. To create a full landscape ecosystem and a fully immersive viewing space, many of these stage techniques are presented for the first time, even tailored for the World Expo performances, combining technology and art. So, what black technology did this stunning party use? What kind of gesture did the LED display panel make?

The stage is ever-changing LED creative display wall smart combination

Nowadays, with the development of LED display technology, both the dancers and the audience have brought more imagination, just like the performance of the opening ceremony of the World Expo, from LED floor tiles and LED surfaces. Screen to LED grille screen, these LED creative screens with design sense and scientific sense combine virtual space with reality to present a realistic and three-dimensional ideal world. The images created are delicate and realistic. The scenery is more impactful, allowing the audience to gain more sensory experience outside the performance, which in turn affects the viewer’s heart changes and gives the audience a sense of immersion. This multi-screen combination and multi-screen immersive performance has gradually become the standard for high-end parties.

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