Why is the outdoor LED advertising screen uniquely favored?


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At 8 o’clock on the evening of April 21, “Creation Camp 2019” officially designated the car Geely brand to send out the * round of heavy resources for the students – Asia to the big screen Hangzhou LED screen, the fans of the three little brothers on the screen spontaneously took the initiative Call before the rain. More than 3,000 square meters of ultra-clear LED large screen put out the heads of Zhou Zhennan, Xia Zhiguang and Liu Ye, and they thanked the fans for supporting the VCR, and cheers came out from the fans. In recent years, it has become a common means for fans to support the “bag screen” of love beans. What is the charm of outdoor LED advertising screens?

LED display can stand firm in the outdoor advertising media, and has won the favor of fans, the advantage of its * is the realization of value. The outdoor LED advertising screen is based on its own, high-definition seamless splicing, and the advantages of the screen is beautiful and natural. Large-size, dynamic, and sound-in-one ads can promote the senses of the audience in an all-round way, effectively conveying information and guiding consumption. In this marketing era where the audience is the best in the world, the outdoor LED advertising screen can profoundly affect the audience’s perception and consumption. Such as the kind of LED display as the carrier of outdoor advertising, its advantages and characteristics are self-evident, and these, all point to a focus, that is, value realization.

As far as the market demand for outdoor advertising is concerned, the demand in the segmentation field is gradually becoming more and more prominent. The strong growth momentum of small pitches, with its excellent and delicate image quality, has undoubtedly brought new hope to the outdoor LED advertising screen; LED transparent screen In the past two years, it has successfully entered the market with the sense of technology and fashion, releasing the charm of transparent display; LED shaped screens are also favored by breaking the conventional shape and customized mode; intelligent LED display, and combination More refined areas such as VR/AR, naked-eye 3D LED advertising screens, etc. are beginning to prosper and will further expand display requirements. With such broad prospects, we should be thankful that market education is more adequate, but not saturated. Emerging areas have great potential, allowing companies to have sufficient space to develop the market blue ocean.

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