The development trend of LED display industry in the near future


In recent years, the pattern of LED display industry is relatively stable. The led display enterprises headed by listed led video panel companies and large manufacturers are still in the forefront of the led display panel wall industry, followed by a number of medium-sized led display screen enterprises and many small manufacturers, showing a ladder-like industry pattern. “The strong are always strong”. Today, with the deepening of capital influence, the gap between enterprises with deep capital accumulation and other enterprises is widening gradually. On the other hand, the rapid development of market segments has led to the growth of a number of new brands. With the expansion of application level promoted by technological innovation, new brands have also attracted new ones to join the board… What changes will these uncertainties bring to the pattern of LED display industry?

First, the “strong will always be strong”, and the comprehensive large enterprises are dominant: after six listed companies in the industry have completed the road of A-share listing, the leading enterprises in the industry will have their presence.

Secondly, with the rise of subdividing enterprises, the technical strength of professional brands can not be underestimated: in recent years, with the increasingly clear distinction between the types of movable LED display screens, the development of different types of LED display screens is also different.

The development of LED display industry is like sailing against the current, and if not, it will go backwards. Time has entered 2018, the industry is still shuffling, who can continue to maintain the leading position in the industry, who can highlight the encirclement into the first and second echelons? In the ever-changing display market, it’s hard to say, but it’s a little certain, who can make products with the same intentions as before, can get the affirmation of customers and the market.

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