Four Development Opportunities for LED Display Screen Rental


Today, the LED display market is seriously homogeneous and lacks technological innovation. More and more indoor and outdoor led screen manufacturers enter this market, making the LED display industry market almost become the Red Sea. In addition to the current downward pressure of the economy, how to get rid of the predicament and find new growth points for enterprises is the first problem to be solved in front of LED display manufacturers.

First, the 2018 World Cup will shine again on the LED display screen: the 21st World Cup Football Tournament, known as the “World Cup”, will be held in 12 stadiums in 11 cities in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. World Cup and other international large-scale sports events have unique significance for the LED display industry.

2. Competition display market is coming, and the demand for LED large screen display is increasing. The Global Final of the 2017 Heroes Alliance held in Beijing Bird’s Nest on November 4 last year is a carnival in the field of electronic competition, which attracts the attention of the national players of electronic competition.

3. Night tour economy is booming and the city brightening market is coming.

Fourth, LED film screen is not only Samsung, domestic enterprises are in the market: recently, after launching the first LED film screen, Samsung has cooperated with Thai cinemas, as the first “test water” of global market promotion strategy, earning enough eyeballs. It is reported that the film screen width 10.24 meters, 5.4 meters high, the screen to play content at 4K resolution, the pixels are 4,096 x 2,160, industry media calculated that this display screen is P2.5 small spacing LED screen, corresponding to the LED 1010 package, is now the mainstream small spacing packaging size. Admittedly, the film market is almost not related to the LED display industry, but from this small spacing screen alone, the point spacing requirements are not high, I believe that the industry can produce such a kind of screen.

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