Three Major Problems LED Display Manufacturers Must Face in Innovation


Since the birth of small pixel pitch HD video wall technology, revolutionary technological innovation is a bottleneck for the durable product of LED display screen. Of course, this is not to say that there is no video advertising wall innovation in the industry. In the process of industry development, innovation is ubiquitous, involving product development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service and other links.

Following are three major problems that LED display manufacturers must face in their innovation.

First, the development of domestic industry into the “no man’s land”: As we all know, the entry threshold of our LED display industry is low, which provides opportunities for Chinese enterprises to break through and surpass in the industry with “short development time and weak technological foundation”.

2. Slow down the speed of innovation and strive for quality: In fact, many giants in the LED display industry have already begun to “multi-legged” way of walking. They no longer confine the profits of enterprises to the production, manufacture and sale of LED display screens. They have begun to take the cross-border development path of sports, lighting, culture and so on.

Third, the basic innovation of display technology: Although it is an indisputable fact that China’s LED display industry is leading the world market, from the perspective of technological innovation, the innovation of China’s LED display enterprises still focuses more on the application level of products.

Summary: At present, China’s LED display industry is in the period of transformation and upgrading. Faced with the increasingly fierce market competition, LED display manufacturers should pay attention to the innovation space of Applied Technology in the terminal market, but also not relax the innovation of basic and revolutionary display technology.

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