The future trends of rental stage led video wall panels for advertising

rental led display

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Since the led stage rental screen entered the market, it has experienced a long start-up phase; the industry’s * turning point is that after the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the stage rental screen was in full swing in the industry, and its application scene range was Greatly broadened. In the case of a good industry, the LED stage rental screen was affected by the frugal policy, and the overall industry was in a downturn. After several years, several batches of rental screen enterprises were eliminated.

In the past two years, due to the rapid development of China’s entertainment industry, the improvement of people’s spiritual needs, and the outbreak of small-pitch display screens, the demand for the stage rental screen industry has greatly increased, and the industry has changed its past faltering situation and presented its vitality. In order to meet the increasing demands of the audience and the performance company on the stage rental screen, the industry continues to innovate, and a series of small-diameter displays and other new products for the stage are produced vertically. The horizontal market is from the first-tier cities to the second and third. The spread of four-line towns has fully evoked the development trend of the industry.

Different functions and uses, higher process requirements

Compared with other display screens, the stage rental screen is different from the function and the purpose, and the process requirements are relatively high. Since the stage rental screen needs frequent installation and movement, it is not fixed, so the rental screen has the characteristics of quick installation and quick work, and the cabinet is light and convenient, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. At the same time, the stage rental screen is often equipped with different means of transportation. In the transportation project, the bumper should avoid bump damage, so the stage rental screen should have certain damage resistance, reduce the damage of electronic components, and ensure the normal use of the display function. . Moreover, the maintenance work of the rental screen is not simple, and the daily maintenance work of the stage rental screen will also change due to different application scenarios. On the stage coast, the stage rental screen needs to strengthen anti-fog, salt and moisture proof; when the stage is inland, it needs to strengthen the anti-corrosion waterproof sunscreen work to reduce the loss of the stage rental screen.

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