The Geneva Motor Show in Switzerlan using our P2.976 Led Panel

Our P2.976 indoor HD led video wall are used in the Geneva Motor Show Full Color LED Display Used as Stage Background,

it has produced amazing performance for the cars to demonstrate their full aspects.

Features of P2.976 led stage panels:

1. Die cast aluminum led cabinet type for rental, slim led video display, 480mmx480mm and 640mmx640mm for option

2. Raw material with famous brand led chip, led lamps,  led modules mask, ensure good quality led screen display

3. Fast lock design, assembly and dismount easy and quickly, save time and labour cost for rent events

4. High resolution of the small pixel pitch, excellent color, photos and video display.

5. Easy for maintenance, provide more than 1% spare parts for free with whole big led screens.

led show display

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