The only way for LED display companies to create myth is to transform

P4-P5-P6-67-P8-P10-Outdoor panel

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Recently, Apple released its third quarterly report: sales of 41.026 million iPhones, net profit of 8.717 billion US dollars, an increase of 12% year on year. Apple accounted for 11.4% of global mobile phone shipments in the quarter, just behind Samsung. Meanwhile, Apple has a net profit of $8.7 billion, accounting for 80% of the world’s mobile phones. So beautiful report card, envy it, many entrepreneurs and companies are only envious of the share.

Many people say that enterprise size and profit are like “fish and bear’s paw, not both”. But Apple has broken what many people call “not to have both” and created the sales myth of the mobile phone industry. Apple’s beautiful report card is the dream that countless entrepreneurs and companies are eager to achieve. As a minor editor of the well-known LED display company,  I would like to say that LED display company can achieve both scale and profit.

In fact, scale and profit do not conflict, especially in the current consumer upgrading and terminal market pay more and more attention to product quality, compared with cheap and low-quality products, most customers are more willing to pay high prices to buy good products they are satisfied with. Under this trend, the manufacturing of LED display screen is gradually transforming and upgrading towards high-end manufacturing and market. In the future, as long as the right way is found, the LED display company can also achieve large-scale and high-profit.

In today’s highly homogeneous LED display industry, it is not easy for enterprises to achieve large-scale, high-profit double income. Only by transforming and upgrading, changing the traditional operation thinking, establishing high-end enterprise brand and selling high-end products, can the LED display company achieve the realm of double profit and scale, and create an unprecedented myth of the LED display industry!

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