The transparent LED display becomes the black horse of the industry.


As a segment market of LED display screen, transparent LED display screen is a new thing in recent years. Because of its inherent perfect integration with the environment, it brings unprecedented visual led video experience and new application experience, enriches the types and display modes of LED display screen products, fills the gap in the field of LED transparent display, and provides customers with more choices and new application experience.

LED transparent screen has the advantages of transparency, invisible installation, strong adaptability, green energy-saving, non-shielding lighting, easy installation and so on. More than 80% of the perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of lighting and perspective. From a distance, the existence of LED lights can hardly be seen. The picture is suspended on the glass curtain wall, making the space near the glass curtain wall unaffected. Combining with the customized size and shape of glass curtain wall, the magnificent glory can be integrated into the design concept of the building, maintaining the purity of the facade of the building, easily matching the office building, shopping mall, stage, airport, Hotel and various glass curtain wall environments, so that the display work can be completed without affecting the beauty of the environment, and the infinite continuation of the life of commercial display has been completed, which is deeply appreciated by professional users around the world. The favorite.

In the future, based on the market demand for transparent screens, the friendly environment for transparent screens, and the unique advantages of the transparent screen, which opens up new ideas for the integration of LED display screen and environment, transparent LED display screen will be more widely used in the field of commercial complexes, and its development potential is huge. As a dark horse in the field of screen subdivision, some professionals predict that transparent screens may be the king alongside small spacing.

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