Wholesale market and projects market of LED display will be assimilated


The difference between the wholesale market and the engineering channel market in the LED display industry is clear in the past. The wholesale is to sell modules, while the engineering channel is to sell the finished led display products.

After analyzing the development of terminal market of LED display industry in recent two years, the reasons for the assimilation of wholesale market and engineering market are summarized and analyzed

First, wholesale is the lowest threshold in all markets of LED display panel industry. In addition to the price war in previous years, the profit of wholesale market has shrunk seriously. At the same time, in recent years, labor cost and raw material cost have increased sharply. Under the double pressure, the profit of wholesale module is getting lower and lower, and the profit of manufacturers is also very limited. Even before the industry, some wholesale enterprises began to make wind-blooming water. In the past two years, the enterprises have also begun to feel a little weak.

Second, on the other hand, wholesale is also facing the pressure of increasing demand for terminal market.

3. Although the wholesale market and the engineering market of LED display screen are assimilating day by day, it does not mean that the wholesale market has lost its competitive significance.

Summary: LED display wholesale market and engineering channel market are increasingly assimilated is an irreversible trend of development, the future LED display wholesale market for enterprises will become increasingly demanding, the previous low threshold access will no longer exist. In order to gain a firm foothold in the future wholesale market, large enterprises, strong enterprises and small and medium-sized vulnerable screen enterprises need to adapt to the development and changes of the market, in order to develop and strengthen their own enterprise strength in the face of opportunities!

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