The small-pitch LED display will become more and more humanized


With the advancement of small-pitch LED display technology and the continuous decline in product prices, small-pitch LED displays are gradually entering the highly competitive indoor application market. The following are some of the views on the development trend of small-pitch LED displays.

First, the technology of small-pitch products has a high gold content: small spacing, as the name implies, is a small spacing. From the principle of LED self-luminous display, the smaller the dot spacing, the greater the density of the image display unit, and the displayed The image is clearer, which is why it can overcome the advantages of traditional displays, which is an iterative upgrade of the product.

Product upgrade is inevitably the result of technology upgrade. Without advances in technology and technology, product upgrades will not be discussed. If the original P4.81 LED video wall of one square meter can only put 1000 lamp beads, the current small pitch per square meter lamp The number of beads must be multiplied, so as to ensure the density of the dot spacing. Not only that, but also the heat dissipation, dead light, patchwork and brightness adjustment at high density, which is the test of technology and small spacing. The technology of the product has a high gold content.

Small-pitch products on the market today have begun to enter mass production. From the comparison of market sales data in the first half of 2014 and 2015, it can be seen that the P4.81 LED display market is increasingly trending towards products with smaller spacing.

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