The world of LED transparent screens and LED glass screens


For those who don’t know much about the LED display industry, it is easy to mistake the LED transparent screen and the LED glass screen to be the same product. Actually not, they are two product concepts. Here is the introduction, let us walk into the world of LED transparent screen and LED glass screen!

First, the LED transparent screen as the name suggests is that the LED display has the same light-transmissive properties as glass. Its realization principle is the micro-innovation of the light bar screen, the patch manufacturing process, the lamp bead package, the control system are all targeted improvements, and the structure of the hollow design reduces the blocking of the structural components. , to maximize the perspective effect. Integrate with the environment.

The original outdoor screen is a conventional P4.81 LED display. However, the LED display is composed of a block of modules. Installing an LED display is like a thick wall, which will block the scenery and light. Due to the shortcomings of conventional screens, LED experts have increased the hollowing out design based on the conventional screen to increase the permeability. The gap of the grid screen can be further developed, and it will evolve into an LED strip screen, also called a grill screen, a sky screen, a wall screen, and a curtain screen. This is a more LED screen for outdoor applications.

Second, LED glass screen is a high-end customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to glue the LED (light-emitting diode) structure layer between two layers of glass. LEDs can be designed into various arrangements such as stars, matrices, characters, patterns, patterns, etc. according to application requirements. The LED glass display is a kind of curtain.

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