The battle for the transparent LED display market opportunity


Nowadays, LED displays are inseparable from people’s lives. With the continuous expansion of display applications, the continuous compression of traditional video advertising markets and the intensification of competitive pressures, market transparent LED displays have become a must for many LED companies. .

From the 1990s to the present, the rapid development of P4.81 outdoor LED display screens is obvious to all. The indoor LED display has become a LED display with vivid, rich, dazzling and diverse, intelligent display effects, coupled with the stable improvement of cost performance.

With the gradual improvement of outdoor light pollution problems, the approval of outdoor installation of LED large-screen screens has become stricter. In Qingdao, Shanghai and other places, the phenomenon of dismantling outdoor conventional LED displays has appeared, and the living space of outdoor LED displays has been further compressed. In addition, end customers are more strict with the technical standards of products, especially the structural safety and outdoor light pollution problems.

The appearance of transparent LED display just makes up for the shortage of outdoor LED display. Its high transparency, invisible installation, indoor installation and outdoor viewing, and highlighting are deeply loved by the market. The transparent LED display not only enhances the commercial value of the glass curtain wall, but also creates a new type of outdoor media resources in the environment of increasing shortage of outdoor advertising resources, and also brightens the city, making the city more green and intelligent.

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