The commercial value of the sky ceiling screen LED display is recognized

led ceiling displays

LED sky screen is a new type of LED display for urban landmarks such as commercial real estate. It is hoisted on the ceiling of the building and plays a good role in lighting and rendering the indoor and outdoor environment of the LED sky. With the continuous expansion of the LED sky market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized in the industry. So, what are the technical requirements for the LED sky ceiling screen during the installation process?

1. Light and transparent: The area of ​​the skylight project is generally very large, and it is installed by lifting method. Its own weight cannot be ignored.

Second, easy to use: “lifting weight is light” is the design standard for large-scale products, the more advanced the more huge things, the easier the final operation, including maintenance, debugging, use. Lightweight product design reduces labor costs during subsequent installation and maintenance, making the entire process more efficient.

Third, the standard modular design: for the needs of production and manufacturing, the box needs a certain size, the box is too large, production is difficult, the installation is simple, and vice versa, the production is simple and the installation is cumbersome. The standardized design of the LED sky screen box body can make the LED display original, power supply, control, unit structure integrated, easy to aging, debugging, transportation and installation.

The sky screen is an innovative and innovative product of the LED display manufacturer. It can be installed on the sky screen to install a transparent LED display.

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