This choice of LED display brings you the economical solution


Nowadays, whether it is a street or an alley, the LED display wall panels can be seen everywhere. Widely used, it not only enhances the image of the city but also enriches people’s cultural life. LED display screen is the basic carrier of various information transmission. It not only integrates art entertainment and publicity functions, but also has a smooth display screen and delicate color performance, which play an important role in the construction of the stage. Let us tell you how the LED display is properly opened.

1, first of all to determine their own use, to determine whether their LED display is used indoors or outdoors, in the confirmation point spacing, the smaller the spacing, the shorter the viewing distance. The required display specifications and area, or according to the conventional length and width dimensions of 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, the LED display panel uses FPC as the substrate, easy to shape, suitable for various shapes.

2, and then determine the price, LED display screens are mostly quoted, the main factors affecting the box, the lamp, the application scene. Compared with the sheet metal case, the die-cast aluminum case is more durable and more expensive. Imported lamps are much more expensive than domestic lamps because they always hold the core technology. The same point spacing display, the outdoor is generally more expensive than the interior, because the outdoor has moisture and dustproof technology.

In recent years, security problems such as LED display screen fires have occurred occasionally. Once there is a problem, the cost of purchasing heavy goods is difficult for many people to bear, and the advantage of finding a rental network is reflected. Rent on the rental network to view the required equipment and prices anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to purchase, install, and maintain a series of problems, and enjoy cost-effective services.

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