Outdoor LED display by the “shared economy” will be promising


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The word “shared economy” is no longer unfamiliar to us. From the controversial shared bicycle development to the present, we have a wide range of shared products around us, and even recently opened eye-opening shared toilets. New shared space such as shared dressing room… The sharing economy is rushing all the way, opening up a whole new operation mode of traditional industries, bringing unexpected profit opportunities to enterprises, which makes the LED display manufacturers eager to seek innovation look irritating, can it be Take advantage of the “shared economy” to explore more potential market space?

In addition, the number of all LED display screens placed on the market belongs to different manufacturers, which means that the quality of LED display screens is uneven, and the application function and service life of the products cannot be guaranteed. This means that the transformation cost before the project is started. Not only that, LED display screens are electronic technology products, which require professional operation and maintenance during operation, and will generate certain manpower, material resources and other expenses.

Third, the display screens are different manufacturers and different operators, and the quality of the display screens is of course uneven, which has the cost of renovation. Fourth, the current LED display screens are more and more independent. The duration of each screen is different, so there is no way to guarantee the remaining “life” of the display. Fifth, as an engineering product, LED display requires professional operation and professional maintenance during operation. Therefore, the realization of LED display “sharing” will cost a certain amount of manpower and material resources to establish a professional operation team. Although the “shared economy” needs investment without profit in the early stage, how to ensure long-term profitability will require everyone in the LED display industry to discuss it together!

Even if there are some uncertainties and excessive investment, we can’t deny that with the continuous expansion of LED display applications and consumer groups, a large number of LED display experience stores have emerged on the market. A trend in the future. Looking back at the “shared economy” system, the “shared economy” model is a new economic model with great potential and great reference. Using the efficient information circulation means of the Internet can not only make the LED rental screen in the hands of manufacturers active. It can bring more economic benefits to the leasing business. It can be described as “a multi-pronged one-shot”.

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