Advantages of stage LED display screen are obvious in concert.


In recent years, LED display screen has been used more and more widely in the field of digital dancing led wall beauty. There are a lot of concert stage, TV column stage, or year-round concert, etc. The LED display screen is transparent, non-occlusive, flexible and so on. It is designed by designers to use it smoothly and give full play to its greatest effect.

For example, Jay Chou, known as the most memorable king of the new generation after 1980 and 1990, is not soft-handed in the cost of concerts. The “strongest surface” concert tour cost as much as 160 million yuan, creating the highest record of concerts over the years. It takes only one week to set up the stage. In the selection of LED display screen, they chose the newly emerging special-shaped LED screen in recent years.

In addition, with the increase of major commercial performances and the rise of LED display in the field of digital dancing, LED display rental industry has flourished. LED rental display has the advantages of light weight, simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, which can meet the fast installation of the rental market, high protection, impact resistance and other characteristics, so leased LED display can be used in various commercial performances.

The stage style is various, but the LED display screen rental  will certainly become the trend of this era. Today, with the rapid economic development of our country, the market share of digital dance beauty is gradually expanding, which makes the LED display screen play the most perfect effect in all large and medium-sized concerts and large-scale performances.

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