This time the LED video display won the led projection in cinema


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Screen, image quality, strong visual impact, let people feel immersed, this is the community experience brought to us by cinema viewing, until now, people have regarded projection as the main way to watch movies, laser projection has become an important technical symbol of cinema. However, development is the absolute truth. The dominant projection technology, which has lasted for many years, is now encountering a fierce rival, the LED display screen, and is in danger.

In March this year, Samsung, a giant LED display company, launched a new LED movie screen designed specifically for cinemas. In July, Samsung put the product in the cinema. Instead of receiving projected pictures, the playback screen will be transformed into a large 4K resolution display screen with bright colors. At the same time, the HDR technology will be put into the super-large screen with a resolution of 4096×2160 (super-clear 4K) and a peak brightness of 146 fL, which is 10 times stronger than the standard projector technology. It brings a brand new immersion cinema experience to cinema viewers. Since its release, it has won the headlines of the world’s major media. Many film directors and film enthusiasts have said that the LED screen of Samsung Cinema will be the future of cinema technology.

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