Analysis of Transparent LED Display Screen and LED Glass Screen


With the development of LED display technology becoming more and more mature, new display technologies have emerged in recent years. Transparent LED display and glass LED display are two of them. Transparent LED display screen is also called glass curtain wall LED display screen. It is often used with glass curtain wall and glass window. When it is not lit, it is basically transparent. When it is lit, it can play pictures, videos and other propaganda information. Many customers often confuse transparent LED display screen with LED glass screen, so what’s the difference between them?

First, the product structure is different: transparent LED display is generally composed of ultra-thin LED lamp bars, with the corresponding box structure, seamless splicing, large-area installation; and LED glass screen will be glass as a carrier, through embedded or surface mounted LED beads to achieve luminous display.

Second, installation methods are different: transparent LED display screen is often installed in the back of glass curtain wall or glass window, fixed by point-supported installation structure, while LED glass screen can be directly installed to replace conventional glass, or surface-mounted luminous secondary tube integrated on the glass.

Third, the display effect is different: at present, the minimum pixel spacing of transparent LED display in the market can be about 3mm, which can show high-definition picture quality; the pixel spacing of LED glass screen is larger, mainly P20 spacing, and the use of simple images and text information, the effect is far less clear than that of transparent LED display.

Through the above analysis, it is found that the difference between transparent LED display and LED glass screen is very big, especially in the display effect, so you must clear your eyes when choosing and purchasing.

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