Analysis of the Future Development Trend of LED Display Screen

P10-outdoor-full-color led

In recent years, the development of LED display screen wall industry in China can be said to be rapid progress, whether from technological innovation or product innovation, has made great progress. With the gradual expansion of the application field of LED display, combined with the current development situation, we can see the characteristics and trends of the future development of LED display, the following will introduce to you.

First, the export of LED display screen is becoming larger and larger. The main products of LED display screen industry in China not only occupy absolute market in China, but also occupy a certain share in the global market, forming a stable export. Their ability to compete in the international market and undertake the implementation of large-scale display system engineering has been significantly improved.

2. Benign interaction between upstream and downstream of LED industry: Based on the development of LED chip materials, driving IC, control technology, benign interaction between upstream and downstream of LED industry chain is realized. New products and new technologies are widely applied rapidly. Many enterprises in the industry have formed a certain technological foundation and production engineering foundation in integrated application of LED, semiconductor lighting, lighting and other aspects. On the basis of traditional large-screen display technology and products, the share of full-color LED display products in the industry market is increasing year by year.

These are the four trends of the future development of LED display.

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