Three areas for LED Display Manufacturers to Exploit Overseas Market


With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the domestic LED display industry has developed very rapidly. The LED display products produced in China account for 80% of the global market share, and they are the first in the LED display industry.

Domestic LED display market competition is very fierce, the market is becoming increasingly saturated, gradually becoming the Red Sea market. China’s excess capacity of LED display screen needs to open up new market growth points and turn excess capacity into “real gold and silver”. With the domestic market becoming increasingly saturated and overcapacity, many LED display manufacturers have turned their eyes to the international market. So where are the main overseas markets for Chinese LED display companies? The following is an analysis with you.

1. Small spacing LED display market: The domestic China LED display market started to explode due to the small spacing LED, which led to the rapid growth of urban commercial display application system, and has become a new growth point of the LED display application industry. Relevant statistics show that in 2016, the consumption of small spacing LED will reach 29 billion particles, and in 2021, the consumption of small spacing LED will reach 189.8 billion particles. The annual composite growth rate is as high as 46%, and the output value is expected to grow from $300 million in 2016 to $800 million in 2021, with an annual composite growth rate of 21%.

Summary: At present, the overseas market of LED display screen has formed three main battlefields, which are represented by small space, outdoor leasing and traditional advertising.

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