Three hot LED display screen markets, do you know how many?

P6mm-LED-Video-Screen-Display-for-Outdoor wall

With the popularization of the application of LED display screen, the price of led wall  products has been declining with the transparency of the market. Competition among LED display manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. Under the double blow of homogenization and price war, profits are no longer as before. Do you know which market of LED display is the hottest? Now let’s take a look.

Since 2019, in addition to the attention of the small spacing market has gradually entered an explosive period, some market segments have also become more and more mature with the end-users, as well as the improvement of some market segments and the progress of technology and products, such as the rental market.

The led display rental market is booming

To say what market is the most popular in the LED display industry in 2017, the rental market is undoubtedly the same as the “red fried chicken”. With the help of the splicing and disassembling characteristics of LED display screen, it can be called “guerrilla” of LED display screen. Rental screen module is easy to “disassemble and assemble”. It often shows other effects matching the stage in the background of stage, evening party and so on, which gives people a shocking visual and auditory sense. Because it is a powerful equipment for shaping the atmosphere of the current stage. With the rapid development of culture, entertainment and sports industry, the rental screen market has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2017, the rental market bursts. However, there are still some problems, such as the lack of product quality. In 2016, there have been many rental screen collapse accidents, exposing the drawbacks of the rental market. But in general, driven by the development of cultural and recreational industries, the future rental screen market has great potential, and with the popularity of small spacing LED display, the future higher-end rental screen will be able to meet the higher and more perfect stage atmosphere.

Summary: In addition to the above three popular segments of LED display market, there are some smaller segments, such as LED floor tile screen, LED advertising machine, and so on. LED display manufacturers play their own advantages, will be able to occupy a place in the above three hot market segments, shine brilliantly!

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