Why is the brightness of outdoor full-color LED display inconsistent?


A high-quality outdoor full-color LED display must adapt to different temperatures and weather, and can be used in various occasions. For far and near light to have a good effect, especially for large-scale concerts led video wall, special effects lighting needs special excellence in order to meet the needs of stage performances. But sometimes we find that the brightness of LED display screen will be inconsistent. What is the reason?

Full-color LED display brightness inconsistency is determined by two factors: light-emitting elements and driving elements.

First, the luminous elements, i.e. LED light-emitting tubes, are inevitably different in brightness during the production process. But the countermeasure that led display manufacturers take is to classify after production. The smaller the brightness difference between adjacent two gears, the better the consistency, but the lower the yield and the higher the inventory will be. Therefore, each manufacturer controls the brightness difference between two adjacent gears at about 20%.

2. The driving elements are usually constant current driving chips, such as MBl5026. These chips contain 16 constant current drive outputs, which can be set by resistance. The error of each output of the same chip can be controlled within 3%, and that of different chips can be controlled within 6%.

3. It is normal for the brightness error of 25% among the pixels of the LED display screen to occur. If the LED light emitting tubes used are not products of the same grade and type, the brightness error will rise to more than 40%.

4. It is also noteworthy that the inconsistent brightness of P10 full-color LED display is the root cause of the flower screen. It can not be corrected by post-correction equipment, but only by the manufacturing process of the LED display manufacturers. So if you buy a screen with inconsistent brightness, please contact your service provider or manufacturer for a solution.


Summary: When we encounter the inconsistent brightness of the LED display screen, there is no need to be particularly anxious. As long as we find the right way to find the right problem, then we can naturally solve the similar abnormal situation very easily.

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